Terra-Tech TT35HDS

3.5 cubic foot capacity heavy-duty skid-mounted wet abrasive blast system


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Professional-Grade Performance: Bulletproofed

Designed for the demands of heavy commercial/industrial users, the TT35HDS wet/dry blast system couples 3.5 cubic feet of abrasive/water capacity with the proven performance of Terra-Tech’s patented flow technology in a heavy-duty, skid-mounted frame engineered to withstand the demands of any project while remaining simple to relocate to any work site.

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Dimensions (LxWxH)48 x 42 x 58.5in
Weight (dry | wet)945 | 1,301lbs
Pot Volume3.50cu ft
Abrasive Capacity235lbs
Blast Pressure10 - 125PSI
Blast Hose ID1/2 - 1-1/4in
Blast Hose Length400+ft
Abrasive Use1.7lb/min
Water Use0.0 - 0.1gal/min
Blast Time / Pot Fill140+min
Profile0.0 - 4.5mils

The Terra-Tech Difference

The TT35HDS wet abrasive system’s operational flexibility makes it ideal for use across a wide array of use cases ranging from aggressive blasting (e.g. removal of heavy scale from industrial applications) to gentle surface cleaning without damaging, heating or warping delicate substrates (e.g. restoration of historical monuments & structures, aerospace components, etc.).

With reductions in abrasive consumption and airborne dust of 80–90% and >90% versus dry blasting, respectively, wet abrasive systems eliminate the burden, expense and hassle associated with dust containment, cleanup and disposal while maintaining comparable production rates with minimal impact on/to adjacent operations.

Save time by cleaning and preparing surfaces in a single step! The combined action of abrasives and water allow for the simultaneous removal of surface contaminants (e.g. corrosion products, dust and scale) and anchor profile generation without embedding particles on the substrate—salt removal and/or rust inhibiting chemical additives can be added to further enhance surface cleanliness.